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We at ZARA and Highview Hotel are aware that tourism and society in Tanzania have to develop in a sustainable way. Our environment, culture, and heritage are valuable assets that need to be preserved for the upcoming generations.

We are also aware about the ethical aspects of doing business. Everyone at ZARA can count on decent working conditions, respect as a human and fair payment. ZARA also supports several local and international charities.

Our initiatives and programs include:

* ZARA Charity

The ZARA Charity, founded in 2009 is a charitable NGO registered in Tanzania and Canada. Its operations
and finances are distinct from ZARA Tours. ZARA Tours donates 15 US$ per traveller to the ZARA Charity
which has the aim to give a firm ground of support upon which to stand and function to a group of Tanzania
NGOs (Non-government organizations) and CBOs (Community-based organizations) that provide valuable
relief to suffering Tanzanian communities.

ZARA Charity has people in touch with many charitable organizations that understand their needs
and can distribute donated funds accordingly. These people will follow up on how the money has been
used in order to guarantee donors that their money is being used according to their interest and in
the best manner for the benefit of the needy. 

Website: http://www.zaracharity.com

* ZARA ecofarming

Most of the fruits and vegetables you get served at Highview Hotel and during your safari in the area are
grown on our organic 28 acres farmland next to the Highview Hotel.

We are also starting to plant trees and want to inform our guests that they can plant their own tree and
have their name labeled on it. This will help to preserve nature and you will be remembered as an
honorable donor.

* Porter's rights

In 2004 ZARA founded the Kilimanjaro Porter Society which helps and protects all porters on Mount
Kilimanjaro and other hiking areas in Tanzania. For their modest subscription to the society they have
access to various benefits that include an equipment and clothing store, language classes, training in environmentally sustainable tourism, family support, guidelines on how to carry out their work and to
know their rights, healthcare, year-round employment possibilities and training in providing customer

The ZARA porter care includes:

* Ensuring they are dressed appropriately for the trek and have warm clothing and waterproofs.
* Ensuring the porters are adequately fed. They generally do not, of their own choice, eat food served to
clients preferring local foods often based on ugali (maize meal).

* Porter loads are limited to 15 kgs (and no more).

* There are adequate porter client ratios (2 porters per client on the Marangu Route, 3 on others and 3 or
4 on the Lemosho Route.


* Contribution to local Maasai communities at all campsites we use in Maasai country.

* Involvement of local communities into our camps. Our camps and hotels offer employment to many
locals of remote areas and we offer fair payment.

* Active involvement in conservation and development issues of the Kilimanjaro National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

* We are premium partner of Sustainable Travel International, an international non-for-profit
organisation dedicated to promote sustainable travel development and provide programs that help
travellers and travel-related companies protect the places they visit.


Natural wonder Ngorongoro Crater
Natural wonder Ngorongoro Crater

Staff of ZARA at Highview Hotel
ZARA staff at Highview Hotel

ZARA Charity
ZARA Tanzania Charity
Amani Home for Street Children
Children supported by ZARA Charity

St. Eugene Sisters Workshop
Women group supported by ZARA Charity

organic farming
Organic farming next to Highviw Hotel

Porters at Barranco

Not more than 15 kg per porter
Limit of loads to 15 kgs

Porters getting prepared
Porters getting prepared

Porters getting English certificate
Porters receiving an English certificate

Massai mother and child
Maasai mother and child

Unique vegetation at Kilimanjaro
Unique vegetation at Kilimanjaro

Sustainable Travel International
Sustainable Travel International Logo

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