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Dining in the Gardens Buffet

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are being served at our restaurant or outside in the gardens in front of the hotel. Our kitchen offers a selection of local and continental dishes which are served a la carte or in buffet style. We also prepare take-away lunch boxes if you are on a safari or excursion during the day, and we arrange hot bush lunches.

At our spacious lounge you can enjoy a drink at the bar, play a selection of board games, browse the internet or relax in front of the open fire. We also regularly present cultural shows including local music, dance and acrobatics.

Our gardens are well-maintained and there are well-shaded garden chairs. There is a separate area where we grow organic vegetables and fruits are are being served in our restaurant.

Our Lounge Our Bar

We also have our own gift shop which offers local souvenirs which are produced environmentally-friendly.

We are in the process of finishing our two Maasai houses located on the premises of Highview Hotel. One Maasai house can be found inside our organic vegetable garden. We use it to demonstrate local Maasai medication to our guests who can even try out certain herbs and benefit from their medical properties. The second Maasai house is located right beside the new swimming pool. It is an exhibition space for our in-house artist who paints Tinga-Tinga style art. Also Masaai women will use this space to present their traditional Maasai jewelry and they will show our hotel guests how to make these jewelries. The only costs associated will be the purchase of any goods if clients wish to. The profits will be used to support Maasai villages in the Ngorongoro area in food, water and clothing issues.

Staff Swimming Pool

We have heard in the past that many of our clients were interested in our fashionable hotel uniforms. Soon it will be possible to purchase them tailor-made right at the hotel! A tailor will take your measurements and can even include your personal style preferences. Charges and prices can be found at the reception desk. See some of our uniforms in the second video clip on
this page!

Further services on extra cost including laundry service and massages are available on request. We have  guides to local excursions such as a visit to the Iraqw tribe, a hike in the local area to see waterfalls and the elephant cave, birdwatching, and visiting a coffee plantation.


Cultural dance presentation Our souvenir shop

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