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Highview Hotel Karatu is owned and operated by ZARA Tours, Moshi, a Travel Agency and Tour Operator fully licensed and registered  under the law of the Republic of Tanzania.

The charismatic founder and director of ZARA Tours is Mrs. Zainab Ansell, a local from Moshi/Tanzania. After studying tourism and working for Air Tanzania, she started ZARA Tours in 1987, organizing National wildparks safaris and climbs to Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Today ZARA Tours has the reputation to be one of the best-valued and most reliable operators in the region. ZARA's more than 88 registered Kilimanjaro and safari Guides and a fleet of 4x4 Land rovers, 4x4 mini buses and 4x4 Land cruisers can bring you anywhere in Tanzania, from the plains of the Serengeti to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
The year 2000 was the start for ZARA's involvement in the hospitality industry. With her husband Roger, Zainab Ansell opened the Springlands Hotel in Moshi, named after the nearby crystal clear springs. The hotel is serving as the ideal base for trekking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Not shortly afterwards, the mobile Serengeti Wildcamp and the permanent Ikoma Wildcamp had been added, offering safari travellers the perfect bush experience at two of Tanzania's most classic safari hotspots.
Another milestone has been the opening of the Highview Hotel in 2006, airly located on a hillside facing the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Highview Hotel had been designed on the same lines as the Springlands Hotel - simplicity combined with quality services. Zainab's daughter Leila is managing the hotel today.

ZARA's latest expansion is the Selous Wildcamp, opening in 2007. It offers the same reliability, quality and level of service that ZARA Tours is famous for - in the Selous National Park. The Selous is Africa's largest National Park, an exiting area of unspoilt wilderness still relatively new to tourism. It is our concern that this area should benefit, and not suffer from the advent of tourism - therefore we have our eco guidelines.

ZARA memberships include:

* Sustainable Travel International (STI)
* Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO)
* Kilimanjaro Association of Tour Operators (KIATO)
* Tourist Agent License - class "A" for safari and Kilimanjaro (TALA)
* IATA affiliation









Zainab Ansell (right) and happy guest

Zainab Ansell and a happy guest

Leila and Rodgers Justine
Leila Ansel, hotel manager
and Justine, restaurant manager

Safari tourists
ZARA Safari group
Springlands Hotel Moshi
Springlands Hotel Moshi
Highview Hotel Karatu
 Highview Hotel Karatu
Serengeti Wildcamp
Serengeti Wildcamp
Ikoma Wildcamp
Ikoma Wildcamp

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